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We will arrive on your premises within 1 hour from the moment you contact us, otherwise the job is on us.

Welcome to Sustainable Facilities Management

 At Sustainable Facilities Management, our unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality, cross-sector facilities management services to businesses and commercial groups of all sizes across Scotland has never been stronger. With more than a decade of experience in ensuring businesses operate in environments that are clean, secure, and well-maintained, we deeply understand the critical needs of our clients.

Our dedication to flexibility is at the forefront of our service, offering tailored Facilities Management packages and one-off solutions that align perfectly with the unique standards, values, and objectives of your business. This approach ensures your operations are seamless, allowing your staff to work in comfort and productivity without distractions.

The core of our operations is encapsulated in the SFM Difference, which marries efficiency with sustainability. This includes our rapid 1-hour reactive response guarantee, use of real-time interface technology for instant updates, and a professional team that is both expert and fully accredited. Our commitment extends to environmental responsibility, demonstrated through sustainable practices and a fleet of fully electric vans, making it easier for your business to achieve its green objectives.

At Sustainable Facilities Management, we provide more than just services; we offer a partnership that upholds the high standards and values of your business, ensuring your operations run smoothly and align with your sustainability goals, assured by our guarantee of prompt service or it’s free.


Our range of services, from cleaning and security to waste management and grounds maintenance, is delivered by a team of professionals who are not just experts in their fields but are also committed to innovation. This ensures that every client receives a first-class service that doesn’t just meet expectations but consistently exceeds them.



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Be in control with JobLogic

A Comprehensive Solution for Clients

Sustainable FM’s investment in JobLogic software underscores our commitment to providing transparent and efficient service, ensuring our clients maintain full control over their facilities management needs. This state-of-the-art technology allows us to deliver real-time updates, comprehensive job monitoring, and enhanced communication, ensuring every service aspect is streamlined and customer focused. Through JobLogic, we offer an unparalleled level of service that keeps our clients informed and in charge, demonstrating our dedication to excellence in sustainable facilities management.

Explore just some of the benefits:

Real-Time Tracking and Updates

Clients gain access to live updates, seeing exactly when engineers will arrive or if they are experiencing delays.

Comprehensive Job Monitoring

Monitor job progress in real-time from start to finish, with automatic invoicing upon job completion for a seamless experience.

Enhanced Communication

Our real-time portal allows clients to stay informed about their job status, including detailed progress reports, photographs, service sheets, asset information, and customised documentation.

Automated and Customised Documentation

Deliver automated emails upon job completion with customisable reports, service sheets, photos, asset details, and branded invoices, all from a single platform

Delivering the Right Service Package for your business

Sustainable Facilities Management offers three distinct service packages, each designed to cater to varying levels of maintenance needs and support: The Bronze, Silver, and Gold Packages. Each package guarantees a rapid 1-hour response time and includes a set number of reactive maintenance hours per month, ranging from 6 to 15 hours.

 Added benefits across all packages include detailed job reports with photos, BIM model uploads, smart communication, monthly analytics, and more, aiming to provide comprehensive facilities management solutions tailored to different business requirements.

Sustainable Promise

At Sustainable Facilities Management, we don’t just talk about caring for the environment, we implement real change so that our business can help protect it. 

We have transitioned to using eco-friendly products across all our operations and we pay Water Aid £1 for every litre we use on the occasions where traditional products/methods are required. As well as investing in electric and hybrid vehicles, we have implemented a zero-to-landfill policy which includes reducing plastics and eliminating the use of single plastics. In addition to complying with current sustainability legislation and regulation, we undergo regular Environmental Assessments where we achieve and retain industry accreditations.  

We have implemented software platforms which allow all of our correspondence to be done online with the aim of going completely paperless and we continue to build strong and lasting relationships with sustainable suppliers, partners and sub-contractors.

By working together in a sustainable way, we will all reap the rewards of a brighter more secure future.

Our Unique Guarantee

We GUARANTEE that we will attend your premises within 1 hour of receiving your call, and if we fail to deliver on this… the job is on us.

We GUARANTEE you will never have to pay money up front.

We GUARANTEE that clients signed up to one of our plans will benefit from our services outwith working hours, including weekends.

We GUARANTEE live job updates and complete transparency.

We GUARANTEE 100% satisfaction.

About us

We are a close team of professional innovators, problem solvers and grafters who tailor each service to suit our clients’ needs in a measured, clear and consistent manner offering flexibility, trust and discretion.  With over 14 years combined experience in Facilities Management and Commercial Cleaning, we know the industry like the back of our hands. Ensuring we can quickly adapt to an ever-changing environment means we can stay ahead. This allows us to not only effectively deliver the very best solutions and services for our existing clients but create new and lasting relationships with businesses who will reap the rewards of our enviable industry network of connections which sit right at the heart of our business.

Our core objective is to support you in being able to run your business without hassle, worry or distraction, therefore, we will always go the extra mile in achieving this. Our unwavering commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability and Operational Excellence means you can have complete peace of mind that we will not only do the right thing by our business and yours, but it will be done in the best possible way, to the highest possible standards and without compromising the desired outcomes or reputation of your professional environment.

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