1 Hour Response Guarantee

There is nothing we value more than the time of our clients.

That is why guarantee that from the moment you contact us about a job, we will arrive on your premises within 1 hour.

If we fail to do this, then the job is on us.

We know this isn’t a common service provided in the FM industry, however, we are striving to put an end to the myth that it is necessary to wait long periods time for a repair of one of your assets to take place.

The success of your business should not be compromised because of someone else’s incompetence.

We want our clients to feel safe in the knowledge that no matter what happens to one of their assets or facilities, they will not be forced to waits days (or weeks) for their business to be operating at optimum level

We Work Out of Hours (Including Weekends)

We understand that breakdowns don’t operate on a 9-5 schedule from Monday to Friday.

So, when you sign up to one of our plans, it doesn’t matter what time or what day it is, we will be there for you.

When it’s the weekend and you need an emergency repair, we’ll be there.

If a leak appears just as the last person in your building is getting ready to leave the office at 6pm on a Friday, we’ll be there.

We thrive in the unexpected.

So, you can rest assured when the unexpected happens to you, we won’t be far away.

Never Pay Money Up Front

We understand that taking out a contract with a FM company is a big decision to make.

Parting ways with that amount of money will always feel like a big risk.

So, we want to remove that feeling of risk from you.

That’s why you can be sure that you will never have to pay money up front to Sustainable Facilities Management.

When you sign up to one of our plans, you will not have to pay any money for the first 30 days. We want you to experience our service before having to pay any money. That is only fair.

Complete Transparency

There is an untold book of excuses within the FM industry that has been keeping clients in the dark about the service they are receiving.

Often, FM companies will keep the truth about the service they are providing hidden so that their clients have no idea what stage the repair is at and how long it will take to be fully completed.

Clients will be told excuses as to why particular jobs are taking longer than expected rather than just being given an honest account of what is happening.

At Sustainable Facilities Management we have rewritten this book and strive to exclusively provide honest details of the progress of each job.

If we can’t complete a job in the initial time frame we provided, then we will be 100% honest with you and let you know why that is and not provide you with a list of excuses.

We provide all of our clients with live job updates so you can rest assured that when we are completing a job for you, there won’t be any moments when you are left in the dark about what stage the job is at.

100% Satisfaction

We guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with the service you receive from Sustainable Facilities Management.

This is not just some false promise we have put in here to try and gain attention.

We genuinely are so confident in the service we provide that we have no fears in guaranteeing that you will be 100% satisfied.

We would not be in this industry if we didn’t have such a strong belief in the service that we provide for our clients.