Picture the scene, you’re in a meeting with a potential investor that you have been going back and forth with for months.





You can feel it.





You’re finally about to seal the deal. All the stress of the past few months is about to vanish into ecstasy.





They pick up your pen to sign the dotted line confirming their investment in your business, only to realise the pen is out of ink.





You jump out of your chair to go and get a pen from a staff member outside of your personal office.





But when you get to the door it doesn’t open.





It’s jammed shut.





You noticed a few days ago that it wasn’t operating smoothly and called a contractor out to fix it, but they told you they wouldn’t be able to come until next week.





It’ll be fine until then you thought.





You apologise profusely to the potential investor only to be interrupted by a staff member knocking at the door and shouting through that a client has slipped on ice walking from her car to the entrance and has broken her arm.





You’d known for a while that you needed to take out a gritting contract, but you kept putting it off.





The investor tells you the deal is off.





If only you’d taken out a contract with Sustainable Facilities Management.





Your door would have been fixed within 1 hour and your carpark would have been gritted early in the morning.





You’d be celebrating the deal you just made with a brand-new investor.









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