We’ve all experienced it.

Waiting without end for a repair to take place.

Perhaps the heating in the office has stopped working and your staff are getting impatient because the engineer told you someone would come out in a few days.

Perhaps you have a broken door hinge that has been causing issues for your visitors for the past week and you’re still waiting for it to be fixed.

Perhaps that stiff tap in the bathroom that has needed loosening for a few weeks is still stiff and you have no idea when it will actually be fixed.

Having to wait long periods of time for repairs is detrimental to businesses of all sizes.

So, the question is, what exactly are maintenance companies doing that is causing you to have to wait so long?

 Maybe They are Busy?

I guess we could give them the benefit of the doubt, maybe they genuinely are busy and that’s why they haven’t been able to complete the work for you yet.

Yeah. Sure.

Here’s a List of Things They Might Actually be Doing

Maybe they’re running a psychological experiment in which they are attempting to see how long they can make a client wait for a repair until the client finally loses it.

Maybe they’re sitting around eating pizza and drinking beer.

Maybe they’re sleeping.

Maybe they’re watching the television. The Last of Us is supposed to be pretty good I hear.

Maybe they just straight up forgot about you.

Maybe they’re having a party.

Maybe they’re hoping your issue will just fix itself.

Maybe they’re having a day out at the beach.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what they are doing.

All that matters is that you’re being forced to waste precious time waiting on a repair taking place.

 1 Hour Response Guaranteed

Here at Sustainable Facilities Management, we value the time of our clients above anything else.

That’s why we provide our clients with a 1 hour response guarantee.

That means whenever you contact us about a maintenance issue you are having, we will arrive on your premises within 1 hour.

Stop forcing yourself to wonder about what maintenance engineers are doing while you wait for a repair.

 Take out a contract with Sustainable Facilities Management and you’ll never have to worry about waiting for a again because you can be sure that we will be there within 1 hour.