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At Sustainable Facilities Management our priority is supporting your business to run smoothly and efficiently, providing tailored solutions to suit your individual requirements. We work with companies of all sizes and operational responsibilities covering the whole of Scotland. Our experienced and professional team operates around the clock to ensure your business is constantly covered so that your service/function remains focused, consistent and to the standards your clients/customers have come to expect.

Our comprehensive and fully integrated Facilities Management Service means we take care of everything from the first point of contact right though to service delivery.  We adopt a professional and friendly approach and work to the highest of standards.  Our accredited team will comply with all the relevant legal and regulatory requirements as well as health and safety legislation giving you complete peace of mind.

Emergency & Reactive Property Maintenance

As a business ourselves, we know that time is money therefore if something unexpected goes wrong, we will be on hand 24/7 to arrange for the problem to be fixed in a quick, professional and efficient manner.  From minor issues right through to serious repairs or emergency incidents, our response team will instruct only the best engineers, tradespeople and contractors who will be fully accredited, and quality assured and ready to respond within 1 hour of your initial call.

Covering all sectors and operational environments, our Emergency and Reactive Property Maintenance Service will provide a cost effective and time sensitive support network of skilled professionals whose priority will be to resolve your unwanted problem using the best methods, technologies and equipment, while communicating effectively to ensure you remain informed and in control.

Having a service like this to hand can be the difference between a prolonged and costly property disaster or a short-term inconvenience.

Commercial Cleaning

Irrespective of your business type, size or location, we will source the right cleaning solution to suit your commercial cleaning needs.  Fully vetted, accredited and professional, our carefully selected and trusted team of trained cleaners will give you complete confidence that your premises are in good hands.

Being Covid compliant, we can also offer a full deep clean that will dramatically reduce the spread of infection and harmful bacteria. Our flexible approach and desire to always try and work to your budget means we can achieve an outcome you are happy with, either as a one off, short-term or long-term arrangement.

Waste Management

Effective Waste Management is a fundamental part of any sizeable business but handled incorrectly/inefficiently and it can very quickly become a headache for management, staff and the surrounding properties and residents.  With a working knowledge of current waste and recycling legislation and compliance, we can assess your companies waste needs, look at your waste/environmental targets and devise a tailored, practical and sustainable waste programme that works for you.

From General Waste, Hazardous Waste and Food Waste to Confidential Waste Disposal, Waste Management Consultancy and Recycling Programmes, we will take care of the entire process for you.  In addition, will can assist with all internal communication materials, as well as supply all in-house waste collection containers to promote awareness of your businesses waste protocols and facilitate your management programme.

Security Services

To understand your security needs is to understand your business, therefore we work closely with you in determining the best integrated security management strategy and operating systems that are uniquely designed to protect your business 24/7. From mobile security and technology packages comprising alarms, access control and surveillance cameras to physical security measures such as gates and fences, remote monitoring and consultancy, Sustainable Facilities Management can deliver. 

All security systems and staff are fully trained, accredited and compliant giving you the assurance you need in knowing your business is in safe hands.

Painting & Decorating

At Sustainable Facilities Management we understand how important it is that your premises and office environment looks fresh, professional and well presented. Whether you want to create a more visually appealing space for your employees or you wish to make a consistently positive impression on your clients, we can help you achieve this.

All of our painting and decorating services are delivered by experienced professionals who are commercially aware and understand how to adapt their approach to ensure your workplace experiences minimum disruption.  Our painters and decorators exercise discretion and will apply confidentiality to every business environment so you can have complete peace of mind.

Commercial Grounds
Maintenance &

Our extensive and professional Commercial Grounds Maintenance Service means that whatever your type or size of business, you can have complete confidence that your commercial setting will look at its best all year round.

We work across all sectors from Hospitality Venues and Housing Associations to Business Parks and shared Green Spaces.  We combine our expert knowledge and experience to compile and implement a landscaping and maintenance program developed around your budget and schedule, so your business can operate without disruption, while always looking professional and well presented.

Our regular Commercial Grounds Maintenance and Care Services include Mowing, Hedge Cutting, Tree Work, Border Maintenance, Weed and Hard Surface Management, Leaf and Litter Clearance, Pest and Disease Control, Water Feature Management, Winter Gritting & Snow Clearance Services, Jet Washing of hard surfaces, Irrigation System Management, as well as assessing any need to improve landscape design that could enhance your visitor and staff experience/ business perception.

We will visit your site and follow-up with a no obligation consultation and proposal which, if agreed, will be handed over to our highly skilled and experienced gardeners and grounds specialists who will deliver your one off, regular or seasonal program, designed to suit your business.

Winter Gritting

Keeping your business accessible and safe in the winter months is essential and at Sustainable Facilities Management we take all the worry out and put the right resources in to keep your business moving. 

Footpaths and roads can be extremely hazardous in the winter months, sometimes preventing customers, clients and tenants from easily or safely arriving at their destinations.  But by deploying skilled, experienced and reliable winter gritting professionals, we can ensure commercial car parks, access roads, pavements, crossings and walkways remains safe and accessible in low to freezing temperatures and snowfall.

Being prepared can prevent significant disruption to your business, can protect against financial loss and safeguard your staff and visitors against falls and injuries.

Staying in control means staying in business.

Janitorial & Front
Of House

Given the competitive nature of modern enterprise, the importance of making a good first impression has never been more relevant. A professional and experienced front of house operation plays a crucial role in the development and retention of your brand, securing repeat business and reputational success, therefore if you don’t quite get this right early on, then it could have damaging consequences for your business long term.

A well-presented and clean environment accompanied by a warm and professional welcome is what our front of house team provides with ease. From receptions, information desks, front of house meeting and conference facilities, hosting main entrances, meeting and greeting, corporate receptions, hospitality management and concierge services, we will create a first impression that lasts, for all the right reasons.

Small Business
& Projects

Outsourcing your needs to a Facilities Management Company is no longer something that is only associated with big businesses or large projects. It is often the case that small to medium sized businesses need to access a wide range of facilities and Property Management Services to operate but not frequently enough to justify delivering the services in-house.  Outsourcing is therefore not only a more cost-effective way to ensure that your small/medium sized business is operationally supported and legally protected, but it allows you more choice and flexibility to tailor a package to suit your exact needs, without any of the hassle or worry.

Whether you just need a quick fix to a small problem, are looking for support in delivering a one-off project or you need a long-term package to support the operation of your business, Sustainable Facilities Management can help.

Plumbing Services

We have extensive experience in commercial plumbing and offer services including General Maintenance, Emergency Callouts, and Testing. Our fully qualified Heating and Plumbing Engineers are experienced in not just dealing with heating and plumbing quick fixes but in providing long term strategies and solutions to maintain the effectiveness and efficiency of your business premises, so your staff and guests can enjoy a problem free and comfortable environment, all year round. 

For urgent plumbing and heating problems, our engineers will respond quickly and professionally endeavouring to resolve the matter speedily, in order to minimise cost and disruption.  In cases of a plumbing emergency, we offer a 24 hour call out service so you know you are always covered should the unexpected happen.

Planned Preventive

Put simply, the best way to take care of your assets and avoid unnecessary repairs and expenses is to plan ahead.  Waiting for things to deteriorate or fail not only results in loss of productivity and time but usually means higher costs and only short-term solutions.

Implementing a Preventative Maintenance Plan will not only ensure your assets are fully compliant and operational but with the right plan in place to suit your specific type of business, it will keep costs down and give you complete peace of mind that your business is supported and protected.

At Sustainable Facilities Management we provide a full range of Property Maintenance Services which we manage on your behalf so that everything runs smoothly, efficiently and to the highest quality and safety standards. From Electrical and Fire Panel Maintenance Testing, Water Hygiene Management and High-Level Safety Systems to Pest Control, we take care of everything so you can be safe in the knowledge that your business is running at optimum capacity and performance.

Property & Building
Compliance Services

Staying compliant with current building legislation is crucial in order to manage a safe and legal operation for your business or property.  At Sustainable Facilities Management we provide businesses and organisations with comprehensive compliance and risk management solutions which are tailored to meet the exact requirements of your property portfolio.

Statutory building compliance for commercial property is often complex and requires the right expertise to ensure you are properly safeguarded against changing legislation and building regulations. Regular assessments, testing and inspections are necessary to comply with all aspects of the legislation therefore it is important to get this right at every stage of your property journey.

From Asbestos Risk Assessments and Emergency Lighting Testing to Periodic Maintenance Reviews and Property Compliance Auditing, our experienced team will guide and support you in your responsibilities as Property Owner/Manager, so you remain protected and in control.

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Why use SFM?

Put simply, because we care.  We care about ensuring our business constantly innovates so we know we are delivering the best possible service for our clients and harnessing the best talent for our business.  We care about what impact our business is having on the environment and therefore place sustainability at the heart of what we do, thus helping support your business to reach its eco-friendly goals. We care about our reputation and are extremely proud of the one we have built up.  One which we will continue to work hard to keep.

Based in Edinburgh but covering the whole of Scotland, we offer a flexible and affordable Facilities Management Service which is tailored to suit your requirements and guarantees you a first-class consumer experience.  Whether your premises are large or small, central or remote and irrespective of the simplicity or complexity of whatever service you require, we are here to support your business needs. We care, so you don’t have to!