We understand that property managers are always looking for ways to improve tenant satisfaction.

The vast experience of the team here at Sustainable Facilities Management means we can help you do just that.

Below are 4 ways we can help you achieve your goals.

1. Effective Communication

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide effective communication to our clients.

With us, you’ll have access to a dedicated team that is always available to respond promptly to any inquiries, requests, or complaints from tenants.

Our team provides clear and concise communication about any maintenance or repair work that needs to be done, so your tenants can plan accordingly.

We use top of the field service management software, JobLogic, which allows you to always know what stage a job is at through the live job updates feature.

Never worry about poor communication with Sustainable Facilities Management!

2. Maintenance on Demand

Regular maintenance and repairs are crucial to maintaining the value of your property and ensuring tenant satisfaction.

By partnering with us, you’ll have access to our team of skilled professionals who will ensure that your property is always in top condition, minimising any disruptions to your tenants’ daily routines.

And we guarantee a 4 hour response time with every job.

So, from the moment we are contacted about a job, we guarantee we will arrive on site in no more than 4 hours.

And this isn’t just during regular business hours. 
Our team are available 24/7 to provide your clients with the maintenance support they need.

3. Improve Tenant Safety

Ensuring your tenants are given the safe living environment they deserve is paramount to Sustainable Facilities Management.

Our engineers have years of experience and a penchant for a close to attention to detail, so you can rest assured that the maintenance we carry out will always be completed in a way that ensures maximum safety for your tenants.

Moreover, we can carry out a numerous array of risk assessments in your properties to ensure that your facilities are fit for purpose and safe for your tenants.

4. Modernise Tenants’ Facilities

This is essential to attract and retain tenants.

With our expertise, we can recommend and implement upgrades such as smart thermostats, energy-efficient lighting, and modern security systems.

These upgrades not only enhance the tenants’ experience but also help to reduce energy costs and increase the property’s value.