Fire door maintenance is essential.

So, whether you use our services or the services of another company, here is vital information you need to know about fire door maintenance.

Am I Responsible for the Fire Doors in my Building?

If you are the landlord, owner, employer, or person with main control of your premises, then that make you the Responsible Person of your property.

It is the legal responsibility of the Responsible Person to make sure a qualified engineer installs and maintains your fire doors.

How Often Should Fire Doors be Inspected?

It is recommended that fire doors are inspected every 6 months. Complying with this timeframe means your fire doors will always be in appropriate condition to give protection if a fire breaks out.

Of course, if at any point you notice any damage to a fire door, you must contact a professional immediately.

What if I Feel Like my Fire Doors Don’t Require Maintenance?

Are you qualified to perform fire door inspections and maintenance? If the answer is no, then you cannot be the one to decide if your fire door is fit for purpose.

Last year, the Fire Door Inspection Scheme found that three quarters of fire doors did not pass safety inspections.

So, even if you think your fire door is operating at the appropriate standard, it is essential you have a qualified engineer inspect it.

How Long Can Fire Doors Protect Against Fire?

Fire doors most often come in two categories: FD30 and FD60. These doors are designed to hold back fire for 30 minutes and 60 minutes respectively.

Who Should I Enlist to Provide Fire Door Maintenance?

We’re not saying you MUST come to us for fire door maintenance, but you DO have to enlist external help to ensure your fire doors are fit for purpose.

The most important thing to us is that the people on your property are given the appropriate protection in the event of a fire. Alongside ourselves, companies that will provide you with excellent fire maintenance services include Worksmart, Asco Fire Group, and Fire Suppression

Fire Door Maintenance