Saves You Money

Facilities Management will save your business money.

Facilities Management companies will often offer proactive and preventative maintenance which will help reduce the number of repairs your business will require.

This is because proactive and preventative maintenance will improve the reliability and longevity of your assets by giving them the care they need throughout the year rather than just when they are in need of repair in order to function.

You will therefore be able to avoid having to spend money on expensive emergency repairs. This money that you save can then be invested into other important areas of your business.

A good example of an FM company who provide high quality pre planned property maintenance is MGFM.

Additionally, working with a FM company costs less money that it does to call out different types of contractors for different maintenance issues. Calling out a range of different companies to complete work for you results in you paying high rates for each individual service.

Of course, if your company is just starting out and as a result still has a small number of staff, then you could get away with calling out specific contractors when necessary. However, as your business grows this won’t be sustainable and will lose you money.

Saves You Time

Facilities Management can save your business time that can then be used to focus on issues and tasks that are truly important to you.

Time spent waiting for a repair to take place is time that you could be using to further your business. Having a contract with a facilities management company will ensure your assets get the maintenance they require throughout the year, reducing repairs and therefore reducing time you need to spend organising repairs.

It will also ensure your business is prioritised when repairs need to take place, reducing the downtime of in need of repair assets.

Working with a reputable Facilities Management company will also ensure you won’t have to worry about the services you are receiving as they will be taken care of in a professional and timely manner.

Less time chasing up a contractor means more time to focus on your business. Moreover, hiring a facilities management company means you will only have one source of contact for all of your maintenance issues and will therefore know exactly who to contact when maintenance work is required.

Provides a Personalised Service

A capable facilities management company will support your business in achieving its goals through a personalised service.

Alongside costing you more money, calling out different contractors for different maintenance jobs means you are not receiving a personalised service which places your goals at its heart. However, facilities management companies will prioritise your priorities.

This means you can create a flexible maintenance plan that suits your business in the most efficient way possible.

Specific contractors who are completing one off jobs for you will have no motive to go the extra mile for you because they have no obligation to you.

Facilities management companies will take the time to get to really know and understand your business and as a result will carry out work in a way that best impacts your business.

Ensures Safety

Safety should be a number one priority for any business, big or small.

The most effective way to ensure that your premises and facilities are as safe as possible is through working with a facilities management company.

Having a dedicated team with expert knowledge carrying out maintenance work for you will ensure that your assets and facilities are safe throughout the year and comply with the necessary legislation.

From carrying out proactive maintenance throughout the lifecycle of your assets to conducting yearly condition survey of your assets and facilities, a facilities management company can provide you with the most accurate display of how each of your assets are performing and at one point they will require repair.

A FM company who excels in ensuring the safety of their clients are Mitie. Their award winning ‘Risk Safe’ solution is an excellent risk management service that provides the utmost safety.

To conclude, your business is responsible for the safety of anyone who enters your premises, and so it is your duty to ensure that you create the safest environment possible within your business. Hiring a facilities management company will allow you to do this.